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Interview with Dane Cook
Interview with Jessica Alba

Interview with Dane Cook

Dane Cook in Good Luck ChuckOn his character

My character Charlie Logan is a dentist DDS. I have a best buddy called Stu played by Dan Folger, as I am working here as life goes on this strange happening, you might call is a blessing, you might call it a curse, depends on where you are looking at it from. Where it seems like my relationships keep coming and going like this (snaps his fingers) it seems like any girl I come into contact with or more so in my bed ends up making a beeline for the love of their life, their soul mate and Charlie starts to see this and wonders if this goes back to when we were kids and this girl supposedly put a hex on me saying you will never find true love.

On the story

There is a rumour going around that I am a charm I am a good luck charm. At first you would think this is fantastic no strings attached get to play the field with no after affects but Charlie starts to learn that he is never going to meet his true love as long as this thing that inhabits him is in his life. At that moment Cam comes in played by Jessica Alba and he starts to think if this is a legitimate deal I love this girl but I don’t want her to go away. There is a lot of comedy in the second act where I am trying to keep her from engaging me until I try and figure this out, figure out the curse.

On Cam

Charlie meets cam at a wedding. A wedding for a girl who he was with and she want off to find her true love, so its already abit of an awkward situation but while at this wedding he sees cam come in and she abit clumsy to put it lightly, she’s got this dorky way about her even though she is obviously very attractive and he sees this and is drawn to her immediately, she’s different to all these other girls whom seem to be buzzing around. She sits at his table and during this first conversation I think we all begin to realise that these too should be together.

Cam Wexler works at the aqua world as a head penguin instructor, puts on the shows etc much like a sea world situation and she loves her job to the point where it’s a bit psycho how much she loves her job. She loves penguins, her soap is penguin soap and she drinks out of penguin mugs, she adores penguins and that’s what she does she works down there puts on the shows for the kids and educates people about penguins and that’s where Charlie comes and meets her in her job.

On Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is fantastic, id like to embarrass her, I hope she gets to see this because what she is doing through out the work in genius she is able to do the ying and yang of this character wonderfully and it was so much so that after the first couple of days I was like how many scenes do we actually have because I hope its a lot! I knew that the dichotomy of the scenes I was doing with Stu and her for me what I want to accomplish as an actor and for my character they are just giving me so much but particularly Jessica she impresses me on so many levels.

On Dan Folger

Dan plays Stu, Stu is my buddy and also works directly across the hall from my dentistry and he does breast augmentation and surgery he’s kind of a deviant, lets put it lightly and say that Stu is a deviant guy but he is my best friend in the world we have been friends since we were kids. We are polar opposites but that’s what keeps us connected.

On Mark Helfrich

Mark Helfrich has been editing movies since I was a wee lad I mean this is the guy who has so much experience in Hollywood I mean, that alone excited me more even before the script because I am looking to work with high calibre people who can bring that next level out of me and surrounding myself with people like Mark is really important to me.

On the film

In my favourite films of all time they have great heart, I don’t like skiddy comedies I don’t like stuff where the story dissipates and you remember funny moments but your like why did that even happen, but you want to make movies that are going to be on peoples DVD shelves or whatever the technology is in 10 years. The kind of comedy we are making has a high quality of RPMS and LPMS in them. An just enjoy the hell out of it.

On being cursed by girls

Every ex that I have ever had, throws the hex at me like “you will never be happy Dane”, and throw their fingers at me and lightening comes out and then they come at me like Luke sky walker at the end of Jedi and I yell “father” and I wake up in an alley way with bloody underwear. I don’t know its just the same rig moral with every girl.