LondonNet’s Top 10 Films

This week’s top ten trending films, courtesy of LondonNet.
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Week Ending Tuesday 15th June 2021

1. [ - ] The Father (12A)

Anthony lives in his London apartment, where he is visited daily by his daughter Anne, who acts as his caretaker now he is grappling with dementia. He becomes agitated when a different woman enters the flat also claiming to be Anne.

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2. [ 7 ] Nobody (15)

Mild-mannered office worker Hutch Mansell protects a helpless woman on a bus from a gang of thugs and savagely beats the attackers. One of the aggressors is the younger brother of sadistic Russian mob boss Yulian Kuznetsov.

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3. [ 2 ] Dream Horse (PG)

Jan Vokes works as a supermarket checkout operator and a barmaid at the local working men's club. Competitive passions of her youth - breeding whippets for show, racing pigeons - are a distant memory until she overhears a conversation about a horse racing syndicate.

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4. [ 1 ] Nomadland (15)

Sixty-something former gypsum plant worker Fern follows her friend Linda May to sun-scorched Arizona to a nomadic desert camp run by Bob Wells. Living out of a rusty van, Fern is warmly embraced by dispossessed and displaced souls including David and Swankie.

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5. [ - ] The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (15)

Bodyguard Michael Bryce is in the throes of an existential crisis now he has been stripped of his triple-A rating. A therapist convinces Michael to take a sabbatical from the protection business so he can concentrate on self-improvement during a recuperative break in sun-kissed Capri.

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6. [ 5 ] Cruella (12A)

Young grifter Estella is determined to make her name in the world of fashion during the punk rock revolution in 1970s London. Her sartorial elegance catches the eye of fashion doyenne Baroness von Hellman. The relationship between the women gives birth to Estella's raucous alter ego, Cruella.

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7. [ 3 ] A Quiet Place Part II (15)

Evelyn Abbott, her deaf daughter Regan, son Marcus and the baby abandon the family home to face the terrors of the outside world. As they venture in silence through the post-apocalyptic wilderness, the Abbott family realises the otherworldly predators might not be the biggest threat to survival.

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8. [ 8 ] The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (15)

Paranormal investigators Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine have witnessed multiple manifestations of evil that have tested their strength and resolve to the limit. For their latest case, they must fight for the soul of a boy called Arne Johnson.

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9. [ 4 ] After Love (12A)

Mary Hussein converted to Islam many years ago to marry Ahmed and she fully embraces every aspect of life as a British Muslim convert. When Ahmed dies suddenly, Mary goes through messages on her husband's mobile phone, which indicate he had a second family across the Channel.

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10. [ - ] Tenet (12A)

An American operative known as the Protagonist accepts a new assignment with cryptic instructions to perform a secret hand gesture (interlaced fingers) in conjunction with a palindromic code word: Tenet.

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