LondonNet’s Top 10 Films

This week’s top ten trending films, courtesy of LondonNet.
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Week Ending Tuesday 30th November 2021

1. [ - ] House Of Gucci (15)

Patrizia Reggiani is working at her father's haulage firm when she meets Maurizio Gucci, grandson of Guccio Gucci, at a party. Infatuation piqued by the famous surname, Patrizia stalks Maurizio and worms her way into his affections to secure a seat at the dynastic table.

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2. [ - ] Anything Goes (PG)

Kathleen Marshall directs Sutton Foster and Olivier Award winner Robert Lindsay in a seaworthy romantic musical with a book by Guy Bolton and PG Wodehouse and music and lyrics by Cole Porter, filmed live on the stage of the Barbican Theatre in London. Felicity Kendal and Gary Wilmot co-star.

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3. [ 1 ] The Power Of The Dog (12A)

Phil Burbank and brother George run a successful ranch in 1925 Montana. Dangerously barbed fraternal bonds fray beyond repair when George takes a wife, mild-mannered widow Rose, and moves her to the ranch with her medically-minded teenage son, Peter.

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4. [ 2 ] No Time To Die (12A)

Bond has bid adieu to active service at MI6 under M following the capture of arch-nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld. A tranquil new life in Jamaica is threatened by the arrival of dear friend Felix Leiter from the CIA. He needs Bond's help to rescue kidnapped scientist Valdo Obruchev.

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5. [ 4 ] Petite Maman (U)

Eight-year-old Nelly comes to terms with the loss of a cherished grandmother by accompanying her mother Marion to clear out the home of the dearly departed. Marion cannot contain her emotions and temporarily leaves Nelly to her own devices.

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6. [ 6 ] King Richard (12A)

Richard Williams devotes every waking minute to nurturing the sporting talents of his daughters Venus and Serena with the unstinting support of his wife Brandy. The patriarch masterminds a long-term plan to propel his girls to the top of the tennis rankings.

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7. [ - ] Encanto (PG)

A mountain town in Colombia is home to successive generations of the Madrigal family. Every member of the clan is blessed with special powers like Bruno, who can glimpse the future, and Luisa, who has superhuman strength. Every Madrigal is outwardly gifted except for Mirabel.

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8. [ 7 ] Dune (12A)

Duke Leto Atreides receives a proclamation from the Emperor to assume control of harvesting the valuable mineral Spice on the desert planet Arrakis from sworn rivals House Harkonnen led by corpulent Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

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9. [ 9 ] Last Night In Soho (18)

Eloise is thrilled to be accepted into fashion school, where she hopes to indulge her passion for couture from a bygone era. She takes up lodgings in the attic of Miss Collins and experiences unsettling visions of aspiring singer Sandie and her menacing admirer Jack.

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10. [ 8 ] Drive My Car (15)

Theatre director and actor Yusuke agrees to helm a bold new version of Uncle Vanya. At the insistence of producers, Yusuke is chauffeured to and from the theatre by mild-mannered driver Misaki. Their odd couple friendship is a balm to Yusuke's troubled soul.

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