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London Accommodation For Groups

Whether you’re an educational group, stag party, hen party, touring sports team, group of business people or, indeed, any group at all, you should check out what we can do for with your group bookings.

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There are a few considerations to take into account before making your reservations, however. The size of your group is going to be very important when considering making a group booking for London accommodation. So too is the timing.

London Accommodation for Groups
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Timing Is Everything
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If you’ve got a large group of more than 10 people, the earlier you can make your accommodation arrangements, the better. It is going to be hard for standard hotels and BnBs to sleep numbers of this size, especially if they’re small and you’re booking at a busy time of year (i.e. Christmas, or the summer high-season).

Large groups need to be handled by our Group Bookings Team, who will contact a range of hotels on your behalf to negotiate prices and contracts. If you were to attempt to make several bookings on our website, there is the danger that you would not all be slept together. Moreover, the availability being displayed on the website is for a room at a time, so you might get half way through your multiple bookings to find that your hotel has, in fact, sold out.

This does have a positive effect though, as it means rates will often be cheaper (it’s the same as buying wholesale). The way in which payment is made will differ for large groups, too. If a hotel is booking out a large number of rooms, then they will require an earlier and larger deposit than on individual rooms. This is something that will negotiate and inform you of in due course, but it is wise to make provisions for this.

Small Groups of 4 – 10
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Groups of this size are not considered ‘large’ groups, and bookings can be made the conventional way.

If you’re in a group of 4, then we recommend searching by room type and selecting “Quad”. This will show you results for hotels that have rooms that can sleep 4 people. Be careful to select the right kind of bed arrangement though; some hotels may only have two double beds – and this might not be ideal for a stag do!

We recommend looking at accommodations such as Hammersmith Rooms. This budget accommodation has a wide range of rooms with a variety of set-ups and has the added bonus of offering a self-catered kitchen. If you are in a group and want to keep costs down, then cooking your own food together is a great way of doing so.

Alternatively, you could look at Borough Rooms in Elephant and Castle. This is a similar budget accommodation that offers a variety of quad rooms and dorms. The quad rooms in this accommodation tend to be small dormitories and therefore have bunk, rather than double, beds.

If you have a group of between 5 and 8, then you might want to consider booking dormitory rooms in hostels. In many cases, and if the hostel isn’t particularly busy, then spare beds will be left unfilled so that your group, essentially, has a private room.

Do consider, though, that if you are a group of 5 in a 6-bedded dormitory and there is another, solitary person in the dorm, that their wishes should be taken into account regarding staying up in the room.

We have a great many hotels, hostels and apartments for groups in some fantastic locations all over London, so if you are a group of this size and wishing to to get an estimate for your stay, then contact us now for an instant quote.

London Accommodation for Groups
Over 6500 rooms available! Click here for an instant quote

In central West London (which is a very popular area), you could try Earls Court. It’s a great location for events taking place at Kensington Olympia and has a buzzing social scene.

Or to be near the O2 Shepherds Bush (and the Westfield too, in case you wanted a shopping spree) you could try the Westfield Hostel. It’s a basic hostel but offers excellent value for money, and places you in the heart of Shepherds Bush. Beds start at £17.00 per person.

To be more centrally located in West London, check out the Notting Hill Hostel in Bayswater. This is one of our cheaper options, with beds starting at £10.99 per person, and locates you perfectly for a great night out in one of London’s trendiest areas.

For a cracking night out in Camden, try the Camden Inn Hostel, right in the heart of the action. With beds starting at £10.00 per night, this promises a fantastic night out or sightseeing trip for your group.

Groups of 10 – 20
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Groups of this size are a little trickier to find dormitory accommodation for, however it can be done. The format doesn’t change too much between the group sizes, however in the instance that your group is this big, we strongly recommend getting in touch with our customer services team.

They will be able to contact any hostels you might be interested in to discuss your situation with them directly, and this stands you a better chance of finding the best accommodation for your group at the best price.

Groups of 20+
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Very large groups must be done through TravelStay’s dedicated Group Bookings Team, as many hotels (particularly smaller ones) very often will not be able to accommodate groups this size without making certain that everything is in place.

London Accommodation for Groups of 20 to 200 persons
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It is also for this reason that the mode of paying a deposit will change slightly. You will usually be asked for two up-front payments (a deposit and the remainder) prior to the stay in order to mitigate for large cancellations.

With respect to group bookings, nearly every accommodation is different and have their own policies which we are aware of. We are therefore in a unique position to be able to arrange these bookings, payments and discounts for you.

Our Group Bookings Team are available to help 9-6 Monday-Friday and will work hard to get the very best deal they can for your group. Often, groups will require certain additional supplements (such as meals or packed lunches) which we can arrange with the accommodation in question.

Special Occasions
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We recognise that any group outing is, by its very nature, going to be a special occasion, so please don’t hesitate to let us know of the nature of your trip in order that we can ensure we get the very best arrangement possible for your group.

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