Rollercoaster Ride to London’s Future

One of the dreams kids have is that some day the whole world will be laid out like a theme park. One of the things adults ask is what will London do if the bankers go belly up or leave for Geneva in a huff?

There are encouraging signs that the concerns of both generations have been answered, as London is turned bit by bit into a giant fun fair.

London already has its share of theme park style places, from the London Eye – a Big Wheel, obviously – and the scary ride at the London Dungeon – essentially a ghost train – to that car/boat Frog – a log flume – that hops people in and out of the river. There’s even a huge, square mile in area, zone full of gambling machines where you play with other people’s money.

But the move towards Funfair London really took off last week with the news that there is to be a cycle-monorail in the Olympic Park – essentially a DIY rollercoaster – and it struck me the other day as an OAP scooter struck my shin that, with an ever aging population, these funny little vehicles will lead in time to the bumpercar-isation of our city. All we need is a clown to become mayor and we’ll be away.