Londoners face challenges using holiday rental services like Airbnb

Airbnb is the new kid on the block disrupting the hotel industry, but more often than not we only hear about the good stuff regarding these kind of websites. There are also occasions in which guests from aboard are left waiting around for hours and sometime can’t find the location of the property and end up in slightly dodgy areas.

To help hosts with short terms rentals, a new service has been launched. It’s London’s latest vacation rental management service. They will vet all guests and help avoid all of these pitfalls with the minimal amount of hassle.

Here are just a few items you should watch out for
Parties, Parties, Parties – One of the biggest problems are vetting guests properly to ensure they are not going to upset your neighbours and the council with all night parties.
The best way to check for this is to ensure the guests are not booking just a weekend and check the guest’s date of birth to ensure it’s not the same weekend.

Unreliable Hosts – Nobody wants to arrive on holiday and not to be able to get into the accommodation that they booked. The host isn’t answering your calls and you don’t know the exact address of property.

The best way to avoid this situation is to check user reviews, follow up with the host the day you are due to set off to confirm. Also locate a cheap hotel nearby to the property location as a backup.

Property Damage – If you’re going to rent out your entire property, there is always the concern that a guest might damage something.

Firstly remove any valuable items and replace these with items from Ikea. Hold a security deposit with, you’ll be able to access this will little hassle. Do a proper checkout and take photos of any damage right away and make the guests aware. Contact your agency and claim from their insurance for up to £600,000

Bad Reviews – These sites are based upon a community and it only works if you leave appropriate feedback. This applies for guests as well as hosts. Upon the end of a reservation, both the host and guest may review each for upto 14 days.
How to get good reviews: as hosts you should treat all guests as if you were running a very small hotel. Guests should treat the property as if it was your own and do basis tiding.

When reviewing, don’t be mean; be subjective, fair, honest and clear it’s the cornerstone of the online vacation rental system.