Told the toilets wouldn’t open until take off, desperate French actor Gérard Depardieu got his Obelix out and relieved himself on the floor of an aeroplane.

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The passenger who spilled the beans said that Depardieu, “thinks he is not like others, that he doesn’t have to abide by their rules”.

Or maybe Depardieu is ahead of the game and urinating in public is the next celebrity thing, the macho version of private-flesh-exposing wardrobe malfunctions?

The good news for celebs – and anyone else – who want people to see them on the job, is that there is an increasing trend in London for toilets to be equipped with CCTV cameras.

Canny old Gérard was probably hoping the tell-tale passenger had video-ed his urinary exploits instead of moaning about them. Ask George Michael: all toilet-related publicity is good publicity.