Sex On the Buses

Has London done something to annoy Sex and the City?

For the original, the world premiere was right here, but they had the temerity to screen this sequel first in New York, apparently SATC’s home town, two nights before the London show.

Then there were the long-running rumours that Sex and the City 2 would be set in London, but Carrie and co. went for Abu Dhabi instead. Yeah, easy mistake that one. Horse Guards Parade has some sand, after all, and a certain royal has been said to look like a camel.

One suspicion is that they ached to film and unveil it here – obviously – but felt guilty about doing the dirty on New York, whose touchy inhabitants were upset about the premiere snub last time out.

Not to worry. Look closely at the film’s plot and you’ll find that deep in the desert, there lurks a touching tribute to London; more specifically to London-based 1970s sit-com On the Buses.

This classic was also about the complicated sex lives of wise-cracking city folk, was blessed with a dragged-out film-spin off in which the main characters went on holiday to hilarious consequences and, judging by the rumours of on-set in-fighting, it’s odds-on Kim Cattrall goes, “I ‘ate you, Bradshaw!”, all the way through, if only with her eyes.