Christopher Robin and the Royal Hologram

When Christopher Robin went down with Alice, all they got to see of Buckingham Palace was the front of the place from way back behind the gates and they’d be grateful for that small chink of the monarch’s light.

But these days, at least when August comes around, you can go right into the royal residence and have a wander down the corridors of state as if you were born to it.

That’s quite a change in 70-odd years. What will it be like down Buck House in another three-score-years and ten?

Here’s what the experts reckon: visitors will be granted an audience with the 90-year-old King William by way of super-3D-virtual-reality effects. Better still, you’ll be able to choose from any royal personage from the past and any event, as performed by out of work actors in hologram.

One option is Wallace Simpson snogging Edward VIIIth in the broom cupboard, or howabout Queen Victoria pinching John Brown’s behind? Probably, most will plump for Diana having a row with Prince Philip while Will Carling plays rugby with the little princes in the garden.

But until they sort out the technology, you’ll just have to let your imagination do the work, says Alice.