BBC London’s Kath Melandri off-air

Popular radio drivetime presenter Kath Melandri was absent from last night’s (6 March 2008) programme.

Her co-host Eddie Nestor said Kath’s non-appearance was down to a comment made on the previous night’s show. Despite persistant prodding from callers Eddie said he couldn’t reveal more.

BBC London 94.9, formerly GLR, has recently announced major changes to its weekend schedules. These changes appear to have sparked ructions among staff.

One of the longest serving DJs at the station, Norman Jay, departed in February following attempts to shift his show from Sunday to Saturday evening.

Jay posted the following comment on his site’s blog on 12 February 2008:

“Indeed many of you have been speculating as to why I have been ‘missing’ from your radios in recent weeks. This was because I needed time out to consider my broadcasting position and future at BBC London. After much soul searching and consideration and largely due to new scheduling changes implemented by BBC London late last year, I felt I could no longer continue working there as a presenter of Giant 45 – especially in it’s present format.

“So as of today, I have officially left BBC London after nearly 11 great years. I would like to thank my many friends and colleagues I leave behind – far too many to mention but you all know who you are. Finally, I’d like to thank YOU – the listeners – both past and present for your fantastic support of Giant 45 over the years. I really did enjoy having your ‘live’ company and playing great music for you on a Sunday night. As that now was no longer to be the case, for me at least, Giant 45 is a radio story to be continued some other time in some other place hopefully. In terms of radio, I’ve always held the view that the more things change – the more they remain the same. Thanks for the memories anyway.