Cheryl Cole wants new house

Cheryl Cole has demanded her cheating soccer star husband buys her a new home – because she fears he slept with other women in their marital bed.

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The Girls Aloud beauty – who was left devastated by claims Chelsea and England player Ashley had cheated on her with three different women – has decided to give their marriage one last chance but can’t bring herself to move back into their Surrey mansion.

Cheryl – who fled their home after the revelations and went on holiday – has told friends Ashley has “ruined it forever” and wants a fresh start. Moving home is one of three rules the 24-year-old beauty has laid down in order to save their 19-month marriage.

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “She has told him there will be no more boys’ holidays ever again, and no more lads’ nights out for a long time either.

“He has also been told this is his absolute last chance. Any slip up and she will divorce him without question.”

Meanwhile, Ashley’s mother, Sue, has demanded her son apologise to Cheryl’s family for the pain and hurt he has caused them. A source told the Daily Mirror: “She is making him apologise to the whole of Cheryl’s family and theirs as well.

“She raised Ashley – mostly as a single parent – to respect women. She has given him the cold shoulder which is really upsetting because he’s so close to her.”

In January, it was revealed Ashley had slept with hairdresser Aimee Walton after a drunken night out last December. It was then claimed he had offered her money for an abortion after she had a pregnancy scare. Two more women also came forward saying they had slept with the athlete but were paid to keep quiet.