Bambi tears and Froggie laughs

I’m told I cried like a baby when they took me to see to my first Disney film, Bambi. Partly that’s because of the famous scene when the poor deer’s mum died, but mostly it’s because I actually was a baby. Wah! Take your eyes off the big-eyed loser, give ME some attention!

Can’t remember where, but I’m sure I read once that more tears have been shed watching Bambi than any other movie. It’s hard to see how they work these things out.

Probably there’s a plumb job out there, held by researchers who must be able to tell apart a bone-fide weepy tear from a poke in the watery eye and all in the dark.

These days Disney films are more likely to leave you with a smile than a sob and The Princess and the Frog is no exception, featuring the twin themes of young, black, female empowerment and funny frogs. Not that either of those are any help to Bambi.