Royal Wedding: First Guest Arrives at Westminster Abbey

WESTMINSTER ABBEY has already welcomed its first guest for the royal wedding – south London chef John Loughrey.

The “loyal royal” from Wandsworth claimed his prime spot outside the Abbey last night and plans to camp out until Friday when Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton arrive for the ceremony.

“I have always been loyal to the Royal Family,” said Loughrey, 56, who has for company a sleeping bag and two carrier-bags worth of belongings.

“I think they [the royals, not the carrier bags] are good for Britain and good for tourism. We have had them for more than 1,000 years and they make a great contribution to the life of this country.”

Though Loughrey was a big follower of Diana, Princess of Wales, throughout her bitter divorce from Prince Charles, his marriage optimism levels are still high.

“[Will and Kate] have taken their time over marriage, unlike the Prince’s late mother,” he said.

“[Diana] got married far too young. The Prince has learned from his mother to take his time.”