Diana, Princess of Wales: Diana's London FAQs

Princess's Diana Memorial in Hyde Park. Copyright: LondonNet Ltd

Conspiracy Theories. Photo Credit: stevecadman. C.C.License
Conspiracy Theories
The major conspiracy theories so far...
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Your Condolences. Photo Credit: Dave Heuts. CC License.
Messages sent to LondonNet after The Princess's death...
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Diana's London
Diana's London
Key London places in Diana's all too brief life...

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Prince Charles.
Diana's Lovers
The men that shook the English throne...

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Diana's London

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How far is it from London to Althorp House, Diana's resting place?

The stately home of the Spencer clan is a short trip from London up the M1 motorway of about 40 miles. Earl Spencer is set to open part of the estate to visitors this summer.

Can anyone visit Westminster Abbey, where Diana's funeral took place?

Yes, although Abbey authorities have recently introduced a charge.

What is a Sloane Ranger?

Name given to young upper crust types who often live in the exclusive areas of Kensington and Chelsea near Sloane Square. (see our Shopping section for more info).