Diana, Princess of Wales: Diana’s London

Conspiracy Theories. Photo Credit: stevecadman. C.C.License
Conspiracy Theories
The major conspiracy theories so far…
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Your Condolences. Photo Credit: Dave Heuts. CC License.
Messages sent to LondonNet after The Princess’s death…
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Diana's London
Diana’s London
Key London places in Diana’s all too brief life…

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Prince Charles.
Diana’s Lovers
The men that shook the English throne…

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Diana’s London

History of Diana through London
Magnificent Seven Di Lifestyle Sites


Even before her marriage at St. Pauls Cathedral, Diana was a face on the London scene.

She taught at an exclusive kindergarten in Kensington and hung around with a good time pack of Sloane Rangers.

After hitching up with Prince Charles, Diana, Princess of Wales, moved mainly in the more formal circles of the royal family but nevertheless still found time to pursue her other interests in the capital such as cinema going, ballet watching and burger munching.

In this special LondonNet guide, we trace Diana’s adult history through some famous London sites, take a look at some of the other key London places in Diana’s all too brief life and answer vital questions.