Virtual Gallery: A visual tour of London landmarks

London Sightseeing. Picture: robmcm. C.C.License

London Attractions
Tickets for the London Eye, Buckingham Palace...
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London Landmarks. Picture: Downing Street. Photo Credit: nikoretro. C.C.License
Discover London, it's architecture and culture...

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London Palaces
Royal Palaces
Discover London's history and its architecture...

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London Famous Places. Photo Credit: markhillary. C.C.License
Famous Places
From Covent Garden to Seven Dials...

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Virtual Gallery:

A Visual Tour of London's Landmarks

Take a stroll through LondonNet's virtual gallery of the Capital's famous landmarks old and new.

You can stop off at any building to get a closer look and find out more about its history. If you have ideas for other buildings you think should be included here why not email us and we'll see if we can oblige!

Famous London's Landmarks

10 Downing Street sign. Photo by cornfed1975. C.C.License
10 Downing Street
The residence of the British Prime Minister.
Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament. Photo Credit: TheCreativePenn. C.C.License
Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament
The mother of all Parliaments...
Buckingham Palace. Photo Credit: roger4336. C.C.License
Buckingham Palace
The official London residence of The Queen...
London City Hall. Photo Credit: Moyan_Brenn. C.C.License
City Hall
Home of the Greater London Authority...
London Eye. Photo Credit: Tom Soper Photography. C.C.License
London Eye
The world's highest observational wheel...
London Telecom Tower. Photo Credit: R/DV/RS. C.C.License
London Telecom Tower
The tallest building in London until 1981...
Nelson's Column. Photo Credit: David Jones. C.C.License
Nelson's Column
Situated in Trafalgar Square...
Piccadilly Circus. Photo Credit: Troy David Johnston. C.C.License
Statue of Eros
Situated in Piccadilly Circus.
The Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Photo Credit: Kieran Lynam. C.C.License
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Working reconstruction of the Globe Theatre.
St Paul's Cathedral. Photo Credit: xlibber. C.C.License
St Paul's Cathedral
An iconic feature of the London skyline...
The View From The Shard. Photo Credit: EEPaul. C.C.License
The Shard
The tallest building in the EU, standing at 310 metres.
Tower Bridge. Photo Credit: siddhu2020. C.C.License
Tower Bridge
One of London's most famous landmarks...
Tower of London. Photo Credit: xiquinhosilva. C.C.License
Tower of London
one of the world's major tourist attractions...
Westminster Abbey. Photo by ddqhu. C.C.License
Westminster Abbey
Where Kate and William got married...