London's Royal Palaces

London Palaces. Hampton Court palace, Surrey. Photo credit: Andrea Jones/

London Attractions
Tickets for the London Eye, Buckingham Palace...
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London Landmarks. Picture: Downing Street. Photo Credit: nikoretro. C.C.License
Discover London, it's architecture and culture...

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London Palaces
Royal Palaces
Discover London's history and its architecture...

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London Famous Places. Photo Credit: markhillary. C.C.License
Famous Places
From Covent Garden to Seven Dials...

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London Palaces

Discover London's history and its architecture through some of its most famous palaces...

Alexandra Palace. Photo Credit: Jim Linwood. C.C.License
Alexandra Palace
The People's Palace offers great panoramic views of London.
Banqueting House. Photo Credit: antmoose. C.C.License
Banqueting House
The only remaining building of the Palace of Whitehall...
Buckingham Palace. Photo Credit: roger4336. C.C.License
Buckingham Palace
The official London residence of The Queen...
Eltham Palace. Photo Credit: Barcar. C.C.License
Eltham Palace
Said to be a "masterpiece of modern design,"...
Hampton Court Royal Palace. Photo Credit: edwin.11. C.C.License
Hampton Court Palace
Discover the treasure house of British history...
Kensington Palace. Photo Credit: cyesuta. C.C.License
Kensington Palace
The palace has been a royal home for over 300 years...
Kew Palace. Photo Credit: Jim Linwood. C.C.License
Kew Palace
Situated inside Kew Gardens.
Richmond Palace. Photo Credit: Jim Linwood. C.C.License
Richmond Palace
Used to be the palace of Sheen.
St James Palace. Photo Credit:
St. James's Palace
Not open to the public.
Tower of London. Photo Credit: xiquinhosilva. C.C.License
Tower of London
The famous fortress...

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