The Queen Elizabeth has advertised for a party planner, when she already has an expert on the subject in the family, in the shape of Pippa Middleton.

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Specifically, the 86-year-old monarch is looking for a royal Events Coordinator to work from Buckingham Palace for a £26,000 a year salary, possibly not quite a big enough wage packet for high-living Pippa.

On the bright side, organising parties is more highly valued by the Queen than looking after the gardens, where the going rate is £14,000, well below the London Living Wage.

The job advert is hosted on the Royal Household’s website and lists efficiency, organisation and good communication skills as essential qualities for prospective applicants. The 40-hour per week position is open to anyone with hospitality experience, ideally with access to members of the royal family.

The successful candidate must be on call at receptions, dinners and State banquets.

The role seems suited to royal in-law Pippa Middleton, whose parents run a successful party planning business and who has experience of organising royal events.

Pippa helped orchestrate Prince William and sister Catherine’s wedding reception last year, which catered for a crowd of 300 and reportedly featured glitter balls hanging in the throne room.

The 29-year-old brunette’s party planning book, Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends, is also due out soon.

But Pippa’s partying lifestyle has caused controversy in the past, most notably when she was photographed in a car in Paris next to a gun-wielding socialite.