Rihanna Beats Spice Girls to Land £5M Westfield Christmas Present

RIHANNA has beaten the Spice Girls to land herself a £5 million payday to switch on the Christmas lights at Westfield, Stratford in a few weeks time.

“The Spice Girls were also discussed but Rihanna came out as the artist of choice,” a source told The Sun.

The Diamonds singer performed similar festive duties at Westfield Shepherd’s Bush in 2010, drawing thousands of fans to the event, which she described as “bananas”.

Such is Rihanna’s star power at the moment that the 24-year-old has yet to sign on the dotted line, but has let it be known that she’s “thrilled she has been asked again”.

“She knows it’s a big deal and is totally up for it, if it fits in with her schedule,” added the source.

“Westfield have had a great year due to the Olympics and want to fork out to celebrate.

“Even though the final contract is still being thrashed out, they’re prepared to pay up to £5million for her. Organisers are expecting around 20,000 people to swamp the park.”

As well as flicking the light switch, Rihanna will be expected to earn her corn by singing some songs.