PROTESTERS occupying a London house owned by the family of Libyan strongman Col Muammar Gaddafi have warned other dictators their property could be next.

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“If they are owned by dictators, absolutely,” said Montgomery Jones of Topple the Tyrants when asked if other houses in London might be occupied.

London probably has more houses owned by dictators, ex-dictators and absolute monarchs than any other city in the world.

Some of the highest value land is in the possession of oil sheiks and then you have run-of-the-mill ex-dictators like Pevez Musharaff, who has a £1.5M place on the Edgware Road and ex-President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, whose family owns a Knightsbridge pile.

Yesterday afternoon, Jones and Topple the Tyrants comrades moved into the £11M Hampstead house owned by Said Gaddafi, one of the dictator’s sons, and put banners on the roof reading:

“Out Of Libya. Out Of London.”

For the last few weeks, Said Gaddafi has been trying to rent out the property at a price of nearly £10,000 a week or £.5M a year.

“We don’t trust the British Government to properly seize the Libyan government’s corrupt and stolen assets so we have decided to take matters into our own hands,” said Belkasem Alghiryani, one of the group involved in seizing control of the house.

“We are not going to leave until we have a 100% guarantee that this house is going back to the Libyan people.”