Norah Jones splits from boyfriend

Norah Jones has split from her boyfriend.

The Come Away With Me singer had been dating Lee Alexander, the bassist in her band, for several years and the couple lived together.

Since the pair decided to end their relationship, Lee has been seen out drowning his sorrows in New York.

A source told the New York Post: “Over the holidays he was catching bands, hanging out and partying with friends.”

Norah’s third album, Not Too Late, was written entirely by her and Lee and the pair are said to have remained friends.

Meanwhile, Norah recently revealed she has a secret obsession with fellow singer Shakira. She said: “She’s hot. I like that she’s this pop star, but she’s also kind of unique and weird. I always sing Shakira when I do karaoke with my friends.”

Norah also admitted she sometimes uses her vocal talent to help her seduce men.

She said: “When I’m singing, the goal is definitely to seduce. But I’m not Beyonc√© or Christina Aguilera – if I’m going to get you, I’m going to get you by whispering.”