Aldo Zilli hands out new sparkling tap water – for free

CELEBRITY chef Aldo Zilli is to hand out free fizzy tap water at his Zilli Fish restaurant in Soho.

Part of Thames Water’s London On Tap campaign to get people to drink tap water instead of bottled, free carbonated water is available for a month as a trial at Zilli’s Fish.

If successful at the World’s Best Diets star’s place, the one-month experiment is to be extended to restaurants across London.

“London tap water regularly beats expensive bottled water in blind taste tests,” said Zilli.

“A bubbly version is a brilliant idea and we’re proud to be the first to give the public the chance to try it.”

A special team of professional tasters helped create Thames Water’s sparkling water, which, like its still cousin, is much better for the environment than the bottled stuff.

“Our water is 500 times cheaper than bottled water, and is kinder to the environment, emitting 300 times less CO2 to process than bottled alternatives,” said Martin Baggs, Thames water CEO.