The Bank Job, Jason Statham

Interview with Jason Statham (Terry Leather)

The Bank Job. Lionsgate Films

Interview with Jason Statham (Terry Leather)
Interview with Roger Donaldson (Director)
Interview with Saffron Burrows (Martine Love)

Interview with Jason Statham (Terry Leather)

Portrait Poster. The Bank Job. Lionsgate FilmsAbout Terry Leather

I play a character called Terry Leather, a car dealer who I would say is down on his luck, looking to make a better life for himself in any way that he can and he's presented with an opportunity to do so.

About the proposition

These characters the we follow through the film are not criminals by any stretch of the imagination they are regular chaps, one's a photographer, one does a bit of work in the porn industry, we're just regular chaps so when we got this offer of trying to rob a bank it's a bit of a difficult thing to get our heads around but in the end we go for it.

About the Vault

When we broke into the vault and the safety deposits that was quite an enjoyable moment, we were getting the champagne out and all the boxes, we really tried to get that excitement of what would have really happened in there.

About the Tunnel

I was able to snoop at the police evidence photographs and the actual tunnel and hole as they came out at the floor of the vault. When you get to see that for real it's a kind of an eerie feeling, all the time I was thinking 'wow these guys really did it!'

About the Lloyds Bank set

This was the bank, the very bank itself situated on Marylebone and Baker Street and right next to it, the Chicken Inn which the guys tunnelled under, the shop 'Le Sac' the guys rented out is next to that. Trying to shoot the exterior shots is quite difficult in 2007, with a lot of traffic and people sticking their heads where they shouldn't, so we have had to create the same setting and bank here in pinewood.

About Roger Donaldson

He's probably one of the most easy going people you will ever get to meet and the fact he has made a bucketful of brilliant films gives us the ease to come on set and take direction without even questioning him because he's such a great filmmaker. He understands different characters, the story telling aspect and the look. He's just one of the greatest directors I have ever had to work with so I feel very lucky on that side of things.

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