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Interview with Jason Statham (Terry Leather)
Interview with Roger Donaldson (Director)
Interview with Saffron Burrows (Martine Love)

Interview with Roger Donaldson (Director)

The Bank Job. Lionsgate FilmsAbout the Story

The Story is inspired by a robbery that happened in London at Lloyds Bank, the bank is still here, it still looks the same on the corner of Baker Street and Marylebone road and the bank robbers tunnelled in from a store “le sac” underneath the Chicken Inn into the basement and the volts of the bank and managed to get away with a lot of money.

About the cast

My cast as are fabulous, they are all very talented, one of the pleasures of coming here to London as with many years ago when I came here to do ‘The Bounty’ is there is a fantastic depth of really talented actors, casting is always a real pleasure here and we have got together a brilliant cast of actors that really do this story justice.

About Jason Statham

He’s very unique and has a very charismatic quality on screen and for me I do equate him to a British Steve McQueen he has a great brooding quality about him and he does a lot with a little. He has a fabulous voice and all those things make him the great actor that he is.

About Saffron Burrows

Beautiful Saffron Burrows who is not only beautiful but a great actress also. She plays a character in the film that is probably a bit like the career that she’s had, she was once a famous model as well as an actress and she is perfect for the role.

About the Research

I personally love the research and this one the things I really do embroil myself on and I finished up by going to the newspapers of the time and the national achieves and digging up the facts of the time and that really has not seen the light of day since they happened in 1971. I really have enjoyed getting under the skin of this story and I consider those things I found out about the story to be part of the story.