Volcanic Relations

“Bloody Icelanders – first they pinch our money, now they send over a volcano cloud”, was the acid contribution to one rolling news channel by a stranded passenger earlier today. “Dear Iceland, we said send cash, not ash” was another.

LondonNet’s resident vulcanologist assures us that this latest eruption has more to do with Iceland lying on the edge of two tectonic plates than a riposte to economic isolation. But let’s face it, considering that we’re both NATO allies, we’ve had our issues before – most notably in the shape of three Cod Wars, the last of which ended in 1976.

Still, despite the travel chaos caused by the grounding of all aircraft across Britain, there is one bit of good news apparently. Meteorologists say that tonight’s sunset could be one of the most spectacular in living memory.

Peter Clee (David Clee is away)