Stretching Out

Featuring ‘Choose your personal kind of comfort’ (Sponsored Ad unit by KLM)

A long time ago when I was but a young pup, I would relish the chance to leave London behind and soar away on a jet plane.

As time has passed I’ve been ever more reluctant to squeeze my 6’5″ inch frame into an economy seat. If someone else is paying, business class solves the problem, but I’m far too tight/broke (delete as appropriate) to stump up the extra lolly for personal travel.

Then came easyJet with their Speedy Boarding, allowing you to pay a fiver and grab a stretch-out-emergency-row seat. Problem was this became too popular and now a third of the cabin is filled with not-so-speedy-boarders.

Relief seems to have come along at last in the form of KLMs new ‘Economy Comfort’ seats. The Dutch – not known for being vertically challenged themselves – approach is to retain the ticketing status of economy while giving us big fellas a few more inches of legroom and recline.

Maybe a trip to Amsterdam beckons. Shame I’ve given up smoking though.

Peter Clee

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