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I’ve been a good boy of late, having just a couple of cups in the morning, but a few years back I’d have glugged my way through a dozen a day. Funny thing is though, less is actually more, as now I think I enjoy the cups I do drink that little bit more.

It helps of course that the coffee we drink today is a cut above the bland chicoree doused rubbish we used to get years ago. Now, whether you’re supping away in some swanky Soho cafe or making gurgling noises in your kitchen, a good brew to make a slinky Italian Barista blush is never far away.

Part of the reason is access to a new generation of coffee machines, many offering maintenance friendly sachets or pouches of fine ground coffee beans. Here, for example is the new Dolce Gusto range from Nescafe (see video below).

Make mine an espresso – double.

Peter Clee

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