Help! I need to rent a house…

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THE PROPERTY BOOM might be over for house-buyers, but London’s rental sector has kept on growing through the recession.

A combination of factors have helped the private rental sector boom while the rest of the economy has stalled. First-time buyers have delayed their purchases as confidence has ebbed and mortgage companies have insisted on ever higher and increasingly unattainable deposits. Such is the break-down in the normally fast-flowing property market that many home-owners are choosing to sell up and rent rather than purchase a fresh property.

It’s that camp that I shall shortly be plunging my family into as we’ve decided to rent following the sale of our own place. We’re not tring to ‘play the market’ or anything quite so clever, just resigned to our ongoing failure in trying to assemble a buying chain in this precarious market.

As we haven’t rented in many a year we need all the help we can get. Unsurprisingly, the rental sector boasts it’s own bulging population of vermin, and I’m not just talking about Mr Rat, but unscrupulous private landlords too. In that vein, housing charity Shelter have put together a short video warning prospective tenants of the potential pitfalls of house rentals:

They want your help too, by sharing the video with friends you’ll be spreading the safety-first message and helping to put an end to dodgy landlords.

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