Cable Car a Trap for Olympic Athletes

When the World Cup finishes this weekend, attention will switch to the next mega global sporting jamboree. That’s the London Olympics in 2012.

You can almost hear the gulps going on in organiser and athletic throats up and down the country. For the organiser, the well-run event in South Africa is a bit of a pain as any cock-ups in 2012 will now look worse.

On the face of it, the GB athlete is in a stronger position. Thanks to England’s failure at the football, any golds will look all the better. But the canny organisers have come up with a way to keep the athletes under pressure. That is the secret behind the cable car, announced this week, which is to link two Olympic cites, the O2 and ExCel.

For a taste of what is to come, think of the David Blaine stunt where the illusionist, sitting in a capsule above the Thames, got pelted with stuff by unimpressed Londoners.

In 2012, British athletes who fail to take a medal will be herded onto the cable car and angry fans invited to hurl rotten fruit at them from special floating ‘patriot platforms’ below. It’s a safe bet the first direct hit will be from the arm of a German tourist.