Boy George Could Lead Sir Cliff Astray

When nice and cuddly famous people like the BBC weatherman who gave his colleagues the finger and Stephen Fry, who likes to read porn out loud in the pub, get away with swearing, naughtier celebs have to up the ante to get noticed.

Step forward Boy George whose fashion line, called B-Rude, gives him something to live up to. This week he didn’t disappoint. Not just the F-word, but the F-word at a fucking charity event.

“Shut the f*ck up, you rude ****!” he told a member of the audience at the Embassy club in Mayfair, there to raise cash for meningitis research. For even greater effect, he then tipped his drink all over the poor woman.

Now the video is all over the internet. Job done. Whether Pete Doherty and Liam Gallagher can beat that is up for debate, but the more startling concern is that Saint Cliff Richard could pick up George’s habits when the odd couple go on tour together next month.

“They won’t, actually, ever be sharing a stage,” said Cliff’s agent.

“Or anything else, for that matter.” Thank fuck for that.