Adrien Brody vs. Alistair McGowan

The trouble with Adrien Brody, who stars in Splice, this week’s big release, is that he looks just like Alistair McGowan.

They’re so similar that I reckon Brody got McGowan to fill in for him in his other current film, Predators, when he realised he’d double booked. Clever move and it’s one also employed by England flop Wayne Rooney, who clearly got clumsy old Shrek to cover for him at the World Cup while he went on his holidays.

Saddam Hussein was probably the most famous employer of body doubles from the merry world of politics, but who knows if other world leaders aren’t doing the same right now?

Some wouldn’t go as far as David Cameron and have, in Nick Clegg, a mini-me act-alike as his deputy PM, but for all we know the pre-election nice-guy Barak Obama is locked in the basement of the White House, while his evil stand-in orders more death in Afghanistan.

When he’s done shooting aliens, I’m sure impressionist McGowan could take a turn as Obama. All he’d need is a quick DNA splice from his pal Brody to sort out the skin tone issue and we’d have a politician who could be all things to all men. Oh.