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Valentine’s Day 2015: Romancing the Capital…

The thing people don’t mention much in the run-up to St. Valentine’s Day is what happened to the man himself. Maybe that’s because he was beaten to death and had his head lopped off, or had his head lopped off and was then beaten to death. The history books are unclear as to the order of events.

Either way, he suffered and he suffered for love. Valentine was one of a number of Christian priests in Rome who disobeyed an imperial order banning marriage – Emperor Claudius wanted men to concentrate on war instead – by performing secret wedding ceremonies.

In our day, there’s been a bit of a reversal in that you’d get strung up by your loved one for not doing something romantic on the big day.

The traditional gesture is to go out for an intimate meal for two. For this angle, we’ve teamed up with TopTable to offer access to loads of well-regarded London restaurants.

For those who want to go the extra mile, how about a special trip, such as a trip up The Shard, a turn on the London Eye, a ride on a Thames river cruise, or a night at the theatre? We’ve got them all covered.

It has to be said that not all of us are loved-up, but we’ve still got a few weeks to sort that out and these days there are plenty of fun ways of copping off such as internet dating, speed dating and adventure dating. Our handy guide gives plenty of advice on all that. Another bit of advice is to avoid at all costs war-mongering Roman emperors, but you can still say Veni Vidi Vici if you bag a prize love-partner.

– David Clee