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Planning a party this Halloween? With these spooky recipes, it’ll be scary how good your food and drinks are this 31 October. If you know of any better recipes, just email us.

Finger. Photo Credit: Shermeee. C.C. License.
Amputated Finger Pizza
No one actually has to lose digits for this tasty snack.
Black Cat. Photo Credit: zenera. C.C. License.
Black Cats’ Treacle Treats
So good, you’ll wish you had nine lives to enjoy them.
Bug. Photo Credit: joka2000. C.C. License.
Bloody Bug Juice
Safe for the kids, and cleanup doesn’t require insect repellent.
Cauldron. Photo Credit: subberculture. C.C. License.
Curried Banana Cauldron
A great meal option for boo-rific dinner parties.
Vampire Blood. Photo Credit: Paul1984. C.C. License.
Dracula’s Bloodstained Burgers
Note: neither bats nor humans were harmed in the making of this recipe.
Eyeball. Photo Credit: skampy. C.C. License.
Eyeball Martinis
Ditch the olives for this frighteningly delicious cocktail.
Hand. Photo Credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino. C.C. License.
Floating Frozen Hand
Choose your favourite drink and add a creepy treat.
Popcorn. Photo Credit: superiphi. C.C. License.
Popcorn Balls
Wash your hands after making them, or you’ll scare everyone before putting on your costume.
Pumpkin Cake. Photo Credit: szlea. C.C. License.
Pumpkin Cake
You’ll need some pumpkin puree and a bundt pan for this autumn treat.
Pumpkin. Photo Credit: lynch. C.C. License.
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
You’ll have to do something with the leftovers from pumpkin carving.
Toffee Apple. Photo Credit: x-eyedblonde. C.C. License.Toffee Apples
No witches and goblins worth their spooks could skip this classic treat.
Dracula Bat. Photo Credit: chausinho. C.C. License.
Vampire Blood DrinkEspecially alarming when the “body-part ice cubes are added.
Witch. Photo Credit: swanksalot. C.C. License.Witch’s Brew
Champagne and vodka mix with orange juice and more. Beware.