A crew member of the Royal Navy ship which Prince William is set to serve on has been accused of indecent assault.

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Petty Officer Steven Wilson, 31, is due in court today (24.06.08) after being arrested on Friday (20.06.08).

He is accused of slapping and fondling a married woman’s bottom which allegedly occurred while sailors from HMS Iron Duke were on shore leave in Barbados watching a Twenty20 cricket match between Australia and the West Indies.

The sailor was freed into Royal Navy custody on £1,275 bail on Saturday
(21.06.08). HMS Iron Duke is due to leave Barbados tomorrow (25.06.08).

Prince William is soon to join the 185-strong crew for a two-month attachment hunting drug runners in the Caribbean.

He will work alongside officers from the US Drug Enforcement Administration and will track and board ships suspected of trafficking cocaine from South and Central America.

William has already completed successful stints with the Army and Royal Air Force.