Queen beaten by fish ‘n’ chips

Queen Elizabeth has been beaten by takeaway food in a list of the best things in Britain.

The monarch was the runner-up in the poll of 7,000 British people who were asked what they love most about their homeland, while the traditional dish of fish and chips topped the list.

Andrew Smith, a spokesman for the Holiday Inn hotel chain who conducted the poll, said: “This list gives a fascinating insight into exactly what it means to be British – our food, history, royalty, our many wonderful characters and all the fabulous places we love to visit. It’s great to celebrate the things we love about our country.

“Over the past few years there’s been a big surge in the numbers of people spending their holidays touring around this wonderful land – and this tells us why. Britain is still truly great.

“But I can’t quite get the image of the queen sitting in a pub eating fish and chips out of my head!”

The British royal family finished in 10th place, while Buckingham Palace – the official London residence for Queen Elizabeth – claimed the eleventh spot.

Prince Harry, 23, was the only other solo royal to make the list, securing 44th place.

The queen’s perfect pronunciation of the English language also featured in the poll, with the Queen’s English finishing in 39th position.