Cherie Blair has revealed she conceived her fourth child at the Queen’s Scottish royal residence.

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Cherie and her husband Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of Britain, visited Balmoral in 1999 and Cherie admits she left her contraception at home out of “sheer embarrassment”.

She revealed in her new autobiography Speaking for Mysel’: “As usual up there, it had been bitterly cold, and what with one thing and another …”

Cherie, who became pregnant with son Leo, decided not to bring her contraception with her because she had been left horrified on her previous visit when all her belongings were unpacked – including her toilet bag.

When her period was late, Cherie automatically assumed she was going through the menopause. The 53-year-old barrister said: “I thought, I can’t be. I’m too old. It must be the menopause.”

When a pregnancy test revealed she was pregnant, Cherie revealed Tony’s first reaction was, “Oh my God”.

Cherie and Tony also have three other children – sons Euan, 24, and 22-year-old Nicky and 20-year-old daughter Kathryn.