Fergie: I could live in a council house

The Duchess of York says she could cope with living in a council house.

Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of Britain’s Prince Andrew, spent months living with a hard-up family in Hull in order to educate them on healthier living and says that she could cope surviving in the same conditions.

She told Radio Times: “I could live in a council house and below the benefit line, of course. Anyone could. But I wouldn’t smoke and I’d make it nice inside and eat green vegetables because I was brought up on a farm.”

Sarah – a WeightWatchers ambassador for the past 12 years – says poorer families need better educating in order to tackle the obesity crisis as we are “eating ourselves to death”.

The mother-of-two added: “My daughters might try fast food. If, when they were young, I had USD5 left at the end of the day and they were crying, I’d probably have put fast food into them – if it was the only thing I knew.

“The problem is how do we get mothers to spend USD5 on fruit and vegetables not fast food?”

Sarah’s documentary about her time with the Sargerson family in Hull is set to air on TV this summer.