Sarah Ferguson launches social networking site

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has launched a new social networking site for mothers and daughters.

The 48-year-old duchess – who has two daughters, 19-year-old Beatrice and Eugenie, 17, with her ex-husband, Britain’s Prince Andrew – hopes the ‘Sarah’s World Social Network’ at will allow “mothers and others who care” to interact with their children online.

Sarah explained: “I want to thread the lives of women and their children together all over the world”.

On her profile, Sarah admits to listening to rapper 50 Cent and names her favourite TV programmes as talent show ‘Pop Idol’ and hospital dramas ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘House’.

She also writes about her desire for “all the children and mothers of the world to be well”.

Sarah enjoys a strong bond with her two daughters and if often seen out partying with them.

She recently said: “Beatrice and Eugenie and the whole family are growing up beautifully well. Andrew and I believe in joint parenting. I’m a mother, I’m a good mother, and that’s the best thing I’ve done. Seeing your children grow into really good examples of good manners, smiling, kindness and compassion is huge.”