Queen Elizabeth will meet French President Nicolas Sarkozy when he arrives in the country for a two-day state visit tomorrow (26.03.08).

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The 53-year-old politician, his new wife Carla Bruni-Sakozy and his mother Andree, will fly into Heathrow airport where they will be greeted by the queen’s son Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

The queen and her husband Prince Philip will then join their visitors for a state carriage procession through the streets of London to the monarch’s royal Berkshire residence Windsor Castle, just west of the capital city, where they will all stay.

The queen will then host a state banquet in honour of her guests at the royal palace, which is her favourite home. Sarkozy has reportedly been taking English lessons to ensure he is prepared for the two-day trip.

One French official said: “The president is very eager to demonstrate his commitment to all things Albion.”

On Thursday (27.03.08), Sarkosy will meet with Prime Minister Gordon Brown to discuss a series of defence deals concerning the development of nuclear energy.

The pair are also expected to make a joint statement on the global financial crisis, immigration and the European Union.