Queen Elizabeth’s ‘graffiti’ attack

A video clip shows Queen Elizabeth’s home apparently being grafittied.

The footage was posted onto the YouTube website on 22 August and appears to show a teenager spraying a tag onto the walls of Buckingham Palace in London, although it is believed the excerpt – added by a user named King Tag – is a hoax.

The 61-second clip, entitled Tagging Buck Palace shows the youngster – dressed in a hooded jacket and carrying a backpack – scaling the palace’s wrought iron gates at night, as a guard patrols in the distance.

He then dashes toward the building and produces a can of paint with which he appears to spray the words The Wackness onto the palace wall.

As a closing shot, the camera pans back to show the whole of the front of Buckingham Palace, with the small patch of black graffiti visible to the right of the entrance.

The clip also features a website address, kingtag.com, which leads to a comment by the graffiti artist claiming he was paid £1,000 for his efforts.

It reads: “wnt 2 c da queen but she waznt @ her crib. dun dis 4 da $$$ check on dis 2 graf dis film tag n hit buck pal n tagged it up prpr. nunaya can tuch KT!!!! i iz getin a G 4 dis !!!!”

One theory is the footage is a promotional clip for new film The Wackness, which stars Sir Ben Kingsley. The recently-released movie is set in New York in 1994, when then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani initiated a crackdown on graffiti.

The title of the film is written on promotional material in a similar style to that on the palace wall.