Harry plans return to war

Prince Harry is reportedly set to return to war.

The 24-year-old royal could be heading back to Afghanistan with his army comrades, after his tour of the war-torn area earlier this year was cut short when a media blackout on his whereabouts was broken.

Harry has openly spoken about his desire to return to the frontline and sources now say his troupe, the Blues and Royals, are to again tour Afghanistan next September – and they are also rumoured to be completing a stint in Iraq before then.

An army source is quoted in The Daily Mail as saying: “Harry has finally won the argument that with one mission under his belt he has the experience and training to go back. As a full-time member of the Blues and Royals he would expect to be with his regiment when they return and that is what will now happen.

“He’s really keen to go but it will be a few months yet. His view is that despite all the obvious drawbacks because of his position, he’s still a trained soldier who expects to face the same risks as the rest of his regiment. As an officer, how can he command respect from his troops if he doesn’t go through what they have to?”

A royal spokesperson insists there are no plans as yet for Harry to return to the frontline, but added: “Prince Harry is committed to his career in the Army and he remains ready to do whatever is required.”

Meanwhile, Harry is reportedly planning to abandon his training in Canada to be with girlfriend Chelsy Davy, who is in hospital in London after having painful surgery on her teeth.

A source said: “Chelsy can’t wait to see Harry. She has been feeling really down lately because of the anaesthetic. This has not been their longest time apart – they did not see each other for months when Harry went to Afghanistan – but it has been really tough, as Chelsy has been in hospital.

“She had a lot of problems with her teeth and she was in so much pain that they operated.”