Prince William has reportedly told girlfriend Kate Middleton he wants to put their relationship on hold while he concentrates on his career.

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The future king wants to put all his energy into his military training so has told his lover they will have very little contact over the next 12 months.

A source said: “Kate has been playing second fiddle since the start of the year spending very little time with William. It’s almost a case of, ‘Don’t call me, I’ll call you’.

“At the moment the only chance she gets to see him is at weekends when he returns from RAF training. William has told her in no uncertain terms he wants to prioritise his duties and throw himself into the role.”

Sources claim once William has completed his training he will finally propose to Kate. However, sources claim she is slightly worried he may be trying to cool the relationship down.

A friend added to the News of the World: “Kate is prepared to wait for William — there is no question of that. But she’s concerned he’s trying to loosen the relationship.

“She knows it’s a risk but feels she can only accept his ‘pact’. Kate loves him and hopes he will finally realise she’s the one. He wants to excel at his military career but she doesn’t want it to be at the expense of their relationship. After all she has put five years hard work into it and taking the pressure that comes with being his girlfriend.”

In June, William joins the Royal Navy on a stint which may take him abroad for up to several weeks. From 2009 he begins intensive training on his royal duties including a stint at the Foreign Office.

Our source said: “William has told Kate if they can survive this long stint apart then he’ll propose to her. The pressure will then be on to get married from next year.”

Last April, the couple split after four years together but had soon rekindled their romance after realising they couldn’t be apart.