Princess Diana’s former butler allegedly had several secret gay affairs behind his wife’s back.

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Paul Burrell – who worked for the princess for 10 years before her death in 1997 – used to trawl homosexual clubs on the lookout for guys and was forever cheating on loyal wife Maria, it has been claimed.

A source told the News of the World: “Paul is a greedy liar, a devious snake. He’s also ruthless and selfish. He’s always made out he’s this happily-married family man when in reality he’s gay and only interested in sex with men.

“He told me he hadn’t slept with Maria for years. He’s constantly on the lookout for gay pick-ups all over the world.”

Burrell – who recently admitted to lying under oath at Diana’s inquest – also reportedly used his association with the princess as a way to woo men.

The source added: “He shamelessly uses his back catalogue of Diana stories to hook targets. He tells them all sorts about her to get them into bed. He will brag about his wealth and royal connections. There are plenty of them who fall for it.”

Burrell could face up to ten years in prison after boasting he failed to tell the whole truth during his testimonial at the princess’ inquest at the High Court. He was caught on a secret videotape saying: “Of course I didn’t tell them everything I know. I also threw in a couple of red herrings.”