Princess Diana’s former bodyguard is set to be the subject of a new movie.

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US filmmakers are keen to tell the life story of Paul Burrell – who worked for the princess for ten years until her death in 1997 – as he worked with Diana so closely.

A source said: “It’s felt Burrell’s story is a fascinating one as he was the guy with the princess day-to-day. The story would focus on the years when he was working for the princess and how they developed such a close understanding.”

Producers are hoping Burrell will join the project to give his advice. The source added to the Daily Express: “Paul has a unique place in British history so his story needs to be properly told.”

Ever since Diana was killed in a Paris car crash on August 31st 1997, Burrell has cashed in on her memory.

He has written three books, appeared on several reality TV shows and launched his own furniture range. It was recently reported he was set to sell jewellery based on the items the late princess used to wear.

He told a friend: “Diana wore big formal pieces for royal events. But privately her taste was much more understated. She liked smaller diamonds and simple designs.

“My range will stay true to that and to her – understated but beautiful and eye-catching. I am told it will be very popular in America because of the interest in Diana.”