Prince William wants to marry Kate Middleton at Windsor Castle, it has been claimed.

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Rumours are rife William and Kate – who have been dating on-and-off for around five years – will soon announce their engagement after it was claimed royal courtiers are already discussing possible wedding venues.

A source said: “William is thought to favour St. George’s chapel at Windsor Castle, but it would simply not be big enough to accommodate all those who would expect to be invited. That leaves St. Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey.”

William’s father Prince Charles is said to be against his son marrying at Westminster Abbey. Charles is believed to have refused to marry the late Princess Diana there in 1981 because it was the location for his beloved great uncle Earl Mountbatten’s funeral two years earlier.

Charles and Diana tied the knot at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The source added to the Sunday Telegraph: “I remember the police complaining to Charles that they did not have sufficient manpower to guard the route from Buckingham Palace to St Paul’s Cathedral. He said to them, ‘Well, stand further apart then.'”

William, 25, is unlikely to choose Westminster Abbey for the nuptials, as his mother’s funeral was held there in 1997.