Camilla minder death inquest

The former security chief of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, shot himself following his separation from his wife, an inquest into his death heard yesterday (30.06.08).

Police Sergeant Richard Fuller worked as the head of security for Camilla – who is married to Britain’s Prince Charles – and suffered from stress at work causing him to believe he was “losing control” according to coroner David Masters.

The 55-year-old officer “clearly suffered from stress”, the inquest heard, but gave no indication of his intention to take his own life to his 45-year-old wife Jill, to who he was married for 20 years.

Jill, who left the house two weeks before Richard’s suicide following a series of violent arguments, received a text message from Richard saying he “couldn’t live without her”, but says: “The message was the only indication I had of what he was going to do.”

The inquest ruled Richard’s death was due to suicide.