Kate Middleton’s ‘No’ to royal christmas

Kate Middleton has turned down an invitation from Queen Elizabeth to spend Christmas with the royal family.

Although reportedly “delighted” by the invite, it is the second year running Prince William’s girlfriend has failed to accept the offer to join senior royals at Sandringham.

Kate and William are rumoured to be planning to announce their engagement next April, so Kate wants to spend a final festive season with her own family.

A source told the Daily Mail: “Kate is honoured to have been invited to Sandringham but she knows this may be the last Christmas she can have with her family on her own.”

Kate is believed to be planning to spend Christmas Day with her parents and sister Pippa, before joining the royals for their annual Boxing Day hunt in Norfolk.

A royal spokesperson refused to comment, saying only: “Kate is a private individual. We don’t comment on her.”

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old was approached by modelling scouts at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday concert in London on Friday (27.06.08).

One of the talent-spotters reportedly didn’t know who she was when they praised her great figure and amazing style.

A source revealed to the Daily Express: “Kate was hanging out with friends, enjoying the bands and drinking wine out of pint-size paper cups.

“She is amazingly tiny in real life and we were astonished by how slender she is. Kate is tall but has a wasp-waist that we thought must make her a size four, or certainly no more than a size six. She’s certainly a head-turner though.

“This chap was wandering past with a couple of young, blonde catwalk-model types. He suddenly stopped when he saw Kate and told her he ran his own modelling agency and that she had fantastic cheekbones and a great figure, and had great modelling potential.

“He asked if he could take her photo for the magazine but she told him she was flattered but she wasn’t really supposed to have photos like that taken.”