Climb into the treetops at Kew Gardens

    Climb into the treetops at Kew Gardens

    Children can climb into the treetops at Kew this summer to learn all about trees whilst enjoying an exciting new experience walking 18 metres above the ground. This 200m circular route takes you on a journey through the tops of sweet chestnuts, limes and oak trees.

    Get up close to the ecosystems of the canopies of Britain’s trees, with a chance to some of the creatures that live in the trees nearby, including woodpeckers, squirrels, bats and lots of insects! Learn how trees are essential, not just for them, but also for humans too.

    After you have climbed down from the treetops there is still plenty more to see at Kew, at the Year of the Tree festival happening elsewhere in the gardens. A sculpture shows how trees work, whilst headphones hanging from a eucalyptus tree allow you to hear the strange sounds of water moving inside a tree. You can also explore more of the gardens by following the Bark Trail.

    At Kew’s play area, Climbers and Creepers, children can learn about plants through play whilst burning off some energy sliding down a giant pitcher plant and see what it is like to be eaten by a Venus Fly Trap! Climbers and Creepers is open everyday and suitable for children aged 3-9. During school holidays FREE children’s activities are also available which explore more about the world of trees.

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