Chelsy Davy is set to leave the UK following her split from Britain’s Prince Harry.

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Chelsy, who began a law degree at Leeds University in September, is planning to return to South Africa after asking Harry for a “cooling off” period while she considers the future of their relationship.

A source told The Sun: ‘Chelsy and Harry are having
problems. They have a very volatile relationship and often seem to fall in and out of love. But her decision to leave England is also based on the fact things just
haven’t worked out in Leeds.

‘In Cape Town she was part of a circle of close, loyal friends and could walk about unrecognised. But since arriving in Leeds she has been treated as a celebrity with students clamouring to be her friend simply due to who she is dating. Only time will tell if this episode
really does spell the end for Harry and Chelsy.’

The 22-year-old Zimbabwean originally moved to Leeds to cement her three-year relationship with Harry. However, Chelsy was left disappointed after Harry only came to visit her twice, expecting her to travel to London to see him.

She was also furious after the prince cheered on England in the rugby world cup semi-final in Paris rather than celebrate her 22nd birthday last month.

Chelsy was so sick of their heated rows, Harry’s wild playboy lifestyle and his lack of commitment after he was accused of being unfaithful several times, she is said to have ended the relationship last week. During a tearful phone call she allegedly told the 23-year-old prince: ‘I’ve had enough.’

Friends of the couple claim Chelsy has asked Harry to give her some ‘space’ until she decides whether or not to give him another chance.

One pal said: ‘Chelsy is stressed about Leeds and about how things have been heading with Harry. She has told him she wants space and is planning to go on holiday to Kenya without him before Christmas. They’ve gone through bad patches, or cooling off periods, several times before and always seem to come out the other end together.’

Harry was seen drowning his sorrows at west London nightclub Amika on Friday night (09.11.07). He drank champagne and vodka while being consoled by friends.

Harry’s London home Clarence House have refused to comment on reports the royal has split from his girlfriend.