Princess Beatrice was set to take part in celebrity talent show Strictly Come Dancing but decided to go travelling instead.

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The 19-year-old royal is a ‘huge fan’ of the BBC1 show and was ‘thrilled’ to have been offered the chance to show off her dance moves but the filming clashed with her gap year plans.

A friend of the princess told the Mail on Sunday: ‘Beatrice is a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing and was offered the opportunity to go on the show this year. She was desperate to do it but decided to go ahead with her gap year as she plans to start university next year and wanted some time out before studying again.

‘She is now in Argentina with a couple of girlfriends – and had she done the show, it would have clashed with her travelling plans.’

Beatrice has an ‘open offer’ to compete on the show and could take up the invite next year.

The friend told the Mail On Sunday: ‘They said she can take part any time she wants. There is an open offer on the table. The producers are aware what a ratings hit it would be if they were to secure a royal on the programme.’

While the BBC denied approaching the pretty princess to appear in the show, her spokesman confirmed that an offer had been made, but was turned down.