Heroes star in Diana dress peril

An actor narrowly avoided an embarrassing encounter with Princess Diana after opting not to wear her dress.

Heroes star Adrian Pasdar played a transvestite in Just Like A Woman and admits he almost wore the same outfit as the late royal to the movie’s UK premiere.

He told The Guardian: “I played a transvestite and I looked good. At the premiere, I met Princess Diana and I said to her, ‘I was going to wear the same dress as you’ve got on tonight, how awkward would that have been?'”

Adrian had another awkward moment with the princess at the premiere’s afterparty.

He added: “Afterwards there was a party, very formal and I was sat next to her. At the end, everyone applauded and I thought it was for me so I stood up and then realised it was actually for her.

“Do you know what she did? She stood up and started clapping me. What a sweet, generous woman she was.”